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V Williamson


Students will design and create a layered bookmark with background, midground and foreground.

1 lesson for brainstorming and introduction

2 lessons to work on their bookmarks

1 lesson to finish and evaluate their work

What You'll Need

What’s Needed:


  • Inkscape (Program)
  • Brother Canvas Workspace (Program)
  • Bookmark Template (File)
  • Evaluation Sheet (File)
  • Instructions to add shapes to Bookmark Frame (File)


  • Brother Scan N Cut machine
  • USB drives for file transfer


  • Cardstock (for the Scan N Cut)
  • Glue sticks
  • Evaluation sheets (printed set for the class)


The Instructions

Lesson 1: Introduction to Project and Brainstorming

Introduction to the project and brainstorming ideas

Introduction (10 minutes):

  • Introduce the project: creating a layered bookmark.
  • Explain the use of Inkscape for design and Brother Scan N Cut for cutting.

Brainstorming (15 minutes):

  • Distribute paper and pencils.
  • Students brainstorm and sketch ideas for their bookmarks, considering themes, images, and colours for background, midground, and foreground.

Group Discussion (10 minutes):

  • Students share their ideas and get feedback from peers and the teacher.

Introduction to Inkscape (10 minutes):

  • Basic overview of Inkscape interface and tools.


Lesson 2: Designing in Inkscape (Part 1)

Introduction to the software and students begin working on their projects

Recap and Goals (5 minutes):

  • Recap Lesson 1 and outline today’s goal: Using Inkscape software

Template Setup (10 minutes):

  • Open the bookmark template in Inkscape.
  • Demonstrate how to use the template for design.

Designing Bookmarks on Software (25 minutes):

  • Students begin working on their templates.
  • Teacher provides guidance and troubleshooting.

Saving Work (5 minutes):

  • Save the file as an Inkscape SVG (.svg).
  • Explain the importance of file organization and naming.


Lesson 3: Designing in Inkscape (Part 2)

Students continue working on and finish their projects

Recap and Goals (5 minutes):

  • Recap as needed and outline today’s goal: completing our Bookmark designs

Designing Bookmarks on Software (35 minutes):

  • Students continue working on their templates.
  • Teacher provides guidance and troubleshooting.

Saving Work (5 minutes):

  • Remind students to save their work


Lesson 4: Complete and Evaluate

Students finish and evaluate their projects

Introduction to Brother Canvas Workspace (15 minutes):

  • Demonstrate how to open Inkscape files in Brother Canvas Workspace
  • Demonstrate how to align their designs and save their file to the correct file type for the Brother Scan N Cut (FCM file format)
  • Demonstrate how to transfer the design to the machine to cut

Finish and Cut (15 minutes):

  • Students prepare their files to cut and assemble when they are done
  • Some may wish to colour in and decorate further

Individual Evaluation (15 minutes):

  • Hand out evaluation sheets
  • Students complete the evaluation sheets, reflecting on their design process, challenges, and learning outcomes.


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