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DIY lab Vigyan Ashram
DIY lab Vigyan Ashram
Informal educator
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In this workshop students will learn to make a Solar based PVC Pipe table lamp.

Students learn about Solar Energy creating their own Solar based Pipe table lamp. Students will study the solar energy, solar Panel, use of solder gun & PVC joined. In this lesson, students will conceptualize and then turn their ideas into real-life models.

Learning Objectives are

·      To introduced about solar energy & solar panels.

·      Introduction to basic electronics components, its working & connections.

·      PVC pipe & its Various Joined.

·      To make solar Cap using basic electronics & solder gun.

What You'll Need

– Solar panel 6V

-Resistor 1K


-PVC Pipe

– T Joined

– Elbow

– Wires

– insulation tape

– Glue gun &glue stick

– Solder Gun

– Wire cutter/stripper

The Instructions

Discuss with students about sources of energy.

Discuss with students about all renewable & non-renewable energy resources. Start discussion about why to use renewable energy? Tell them advantages of using solar energy.

Ask students to list our equipment they seen which runs using renewable energy

Discuss how to convert solar energy into electricity.

Tell them brief concepts of Solar Panels & how solar energy convert into electricity by using Solar Panels, what are the ratings of solar panels.

Show them video of how exactly solar panel works, components or material involved in solar panel.

Lets see the solar panel by making solar lamp

Teacher Note- Discuss with students on the idea of PVC pipe Table lamp in which using solar panel,Resistor. Give PVC pipe pieces and different joints to students, to make any shape of table lamp.

Do connections

Connect the things as shown in circuit diagram see attachment named as "connections"

Teacher Note – After connection introduces them solar panel & other electronics component.                                                            

Test it

Now After assembling the whole unit , student need to test it to understand its functioning.


  • (MS-PS3-2): Develop a model to describe that when the arrangement of objects interacting at a distance changes, different amounts of potential energy are stored in the system.

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