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Studio 5
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This is a 5-day track focus on Wearable technology and the way Wearable works, in addition to how it related to fashion and its benefits of this technology in the daily life. Also, we will have the chance to introduce Microcontrollers to understand its role in wearable technology.



  1. Wearable Technology.
  2. Circuits and MCU’s
  3. Sensors.
  4. Input & Outputs.
  5. Wearable project reference.


What You'll Need

This track is unplugged, All the content is online and free.

  1.  Presentation Files.
  2. Adafruit Platform.


The Instructions

Day 1 (Introduction)

In this day we will introduce Wearable technology to the participant in order to understand the way this tech. Works. They will also understand the fields of this technology involved in, in order to understand the variety of applications of this tech. Able to change and affect.

1- At the beginning we will start by an Ice braking question to drive their attention to what we are going to deliver.

“What does wearable means to you?”

Most of the participant hears this term for the first time, and they are not aware of this technology.


Wearable Technology

In this section we will go through what is meant by wearable technology and its types.

1- We will firstly go through what is meant by Wearable Technology.

“Wearable are devices incorporated into items that can be comfortably worn on a body”.

2- Then we will go through the types of wearable are used and the purpose of using such tech.

“Wearable are used for the purpose of tracking information to be processed for farther analysis.”

3- We can ask the participant to provide an example for a wearable they might see or used?

4- Then we will go through the types wearable have.

  • Smartwatches : devices do provide the user with notification “missed calls, massages, and social media”
  • Head mounted display: which are devices that takes the user to a virtual world.
  • Fitness tracker: devices mostly used by athletes that can provide steps moved, active time and calories burnt.
  • Smart cloths : smart electronics incorporate with wearable cloths to give fashionable look.
  • Implantable : devices are medically used, and they are inserted to the human body through surgeries.

Internet of things (IOT)

In this section we will introduce IOT to the participant and how this technology is improving the fashion industry.

1- We will begin by directing a question to the participant regarding if they have seen this technology around?

“Most of the participant answer will be no”

But they already dealt with this technology as it is used in State of Qatar in every parking area.