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Fab-Safety.1, Fab-Modeling.1, Fab-Fabrication.1, Fab-Design.1

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Cornilius Nelson
Informal educator


Pouches come from cultures around the world and Alaska. These are used for many different purposes, Medicine comes in many different forms be it food, drink or spiritual.

 The design varies depending on culture. They would be worn over Heart to protect the soul. With all this in mind let’s go over how to make one.

What You'll Need

First you’ll need these items: leather scissors, Leather hole puncher/awl for making holes something for synching like sinew, leather string or yarn

The Instructions

getting started

Here we will start with grabbing out material and cutting a circle

1. First you will want to start with cutting out your material. There are a few different patterns but for this we will be doing a circle of soft leather roughly 6 inches in circumference. This will hold 28.7 grams .You can make it larger if need be.

now that we are rolling

2. Now you’ll take your whole puncher / awl and run holes along the outer rim. Make sure the holes are about an inch inward and 2 inches apart.

Getting close to the finishing line

3. Now with your holes punched, get yourself a piece of rope or a thin piece of leather, run it through all of the holes.

You did it !

4. Now feed the thread through all of the holes and synch it closed.


  • (Fab-Safety.1): I can safely conduct myself in a Fab Lab and observe operations under instructor guidance.
  • (Fab-Modeling.1): I can arrange and manipulate simple geometric elements, 2D shapes, and 3D solids using a variety of technologies.
  • (Fab-Fabrication.1): I can follow instructor guided steps that link a software to a machine to produce a simple physical artifact.
  • (Fab-Design.1): I can be responsible for various activities throughout a design process within a group under instructor guidance.

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