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Aidan Mullaney
Aidan Mullaney
Aidan Mullaney is the Instructional Manager for the GE/Celtics Brilliant Play Lab. His primary role with the Fab Foundation is developing and delivering curriculum for the middle school mobile lab. Aidan facilitates career-related activities with a focus on STEM in… Read More


This lesson is a guided introduction to a library workshop activity. Library patrons will create a vinyl sticker bookmark and library staff will assist in the design and fabrication of their bookmark. This workshop activity is intended for a virtual, or socially distanced, setting but can also be instructed in an in-person setting. The “GALLERY” of this lesson includes a step by step example of a patron project, while “The Instructions” section is a guide for staff to create patron’s bookmarks.


Library patrons will accomplish the following:

  • Identify and design key images from a piece of literature
  • Learn to design a bookmark sticker
  • Apply knowledge of vinyl cutter to sticker design

Library staff will accomplish the following:

  • Guide patron design of their bookmark
  • Edit and adjust any common design mistakes
  • Cut, weed, and apply stickers to final bookmarks


Safety Note: SHARP BLADE – The vinyl cutter blade can cause serious injury. Only trained individuals should operate the machine.

What You'll Need

Google Drawing Bookmark Template (image below)

– Vinyl Cutter + materials (vinyl, scissors, weeding tools)

– Transfer Paper

– Vinyl Cutter vector software

– Cardstock (cut to bookmark size: 8″ x 2.5″)


The Instructions

Guide Participant Design on Google Drawings

Library staff will help patrons understand the criteria and constraints of a vinyl cutter. The artwork in this image will not produce a successful sticker for the vinyl cutter. See the "GALLERY" section for simple sticker ideas. Staff will work with patrons to identify key thematic "stencil" images they can search online or design themselves.


Import Patron Design into Cutter Vector Software

Patrons will share or send the .JPG file of their bookmark sticker to library staff. Import the .JPG file. Ensure the imported file is 10"x10" and that the red bookmark outline remains 8"x2.5".

Trace Image Outline

Create a trace of the sticker design. In Roland CutStudio, this is found under the "Object" tab as "Image Outline..." Extract the contour lines of the image.

Remove Bookmark Outline

Once the image is traced, delete the imported traced .JPG. Use the "Edit" nodes tool to remove the previously red outline if the image does not touch the border.

Clean Bookmark Stencil

Traced images, especially those with intricate details, will not always produced a clean image to cut. Edit the individual notes of these images to create a trace that closely resembles the patron's original design.

Prepare Design for Cutting

Move the image to the appropriate location on the canvas. Once the image is ready, send to the vinyl cutter. In Roland CutStudio, select "Cutting".