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Studio 5
Studio 5
K-12 teacher
In line with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s Digital Youth Strategy, STUDIO 5 is mainly aimed at nurturing youth as digital learners by sharpening their 21st century learning skills, as they develop in an all-pervasive digital environment. In… Read More


Participants will be introduced to the subject of the workshop and discuss the Qatar national day event. They will also be introduced to the Scratch platform where they will learn how to create an animated card expressing their love to Qatar.

What You'll Need

– Laptop

– Internet connection

-Scratch software:

The Instructions


Participants will discuss the value of the National day, how they celebrate it, and share some historical facts. They will also learn what is coding and how they will be using it in Scratch to create an animated card.

1- Who are we and what we do in Studio 56.

2- Intro to Microsoft Teams interface and navigation.

3- Random question: How do you imagine the celebration of the Qatar national day in 2030?

4- Random question: How do you usually celebrate the Qatar national day?

5- Historical facts about Qatar (who is the founder?, when it was founded?).

6- What is coding?

7- What we will be doing today?

8- What are we going to add in the Scratch platform to make the animated card.

9- Introduction to Scratch platform.

10- Which coding blocks we will be using today to add the different effects.

11- Reminder of the last day celebration (17th of Dec).



Prototype making: Animated card

Participants will be introduced to the Scratch software and use it to create an animated card. They will use different coding blocks to add different effects.

1- Introduction to the Scratch software interface and how it works.

2- Show how you add, edit, and delete different component (sprites).

3- Show how you can add an existing background or design your own customized background

  • How you can add an image file to the project assets.
  • How you can program the selection of random backgrounds constantly in the project.
  • How you can design a customized background using the edit tools.

4- Show how you can add a sprite and apply different effects on it using code.

  • Customize the sprite (change color, add text, …etc) using the paint tool.
  • Add the pop-out effect when the sprite or a specific key is clicked.
  • Add the color changing effect.
  • Add the rotation effect.

5- Show how you can add a character (Qatari) to the card and code it to speak when clicked.

  • Search for a Qatari looking character image and save it.
  • Record your sound saying something to Qatar and edit it.
  • Use the code to play the sound when the character is clicked. 
  • Show how you can add a background sound to the card.

6- Fix any issues found.



  • (Fab-Programming.2): I can create a program with more than one instruction.
  • (Fab-Design.2): I can participate in design reviews with prepared presentation materials as well as give and receive feedback from peers.

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