Upcycling Hackathon – SCOPES-DF

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Studio 5
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Where humans find it easy to throw what is not working anymore and buy new products; a lot of opportunities are missed and resources of the Earth are over consumed and sometimes abused. In this program, we made use of unwanted materials, recycled cardboards and electronic components to teach the participants about the function of each component, tools for assembling and disassembling, importance to recycle the papers and cardboards and preserve the trees. Finally, we introduced the concept of upcycling where they had to reuse the electronic components and recycled cardboards to build sustainable solutions and save the nature.

This lesson is an example of how waste can be used for educational purposes, develop tech and soft skills for youth and raise a community of innovators aware of their responsibility towards preserving the Earth for future generations.

What You'll Need

In this lesson, participant are going to use e-waste material:

1- CD-Driver

2- Printer

3- Hand tools

4- Glue gun

5- Solder station

6- Microcontrollers

7- 3D printer

8- Metodology Presentation


The Instructions

Day 1 ( sustainability)

In this section we will have the chance to introduce the whole workshop to the participant and what we are going to do in the hackathon in addition to upcycling as a part of sustainability related to earth day.

1- At the start, we will introduce the whole program with the hackathon.

  • The program is 3 days of theoretical explanation for the upcycling and disassembling of electronics waste.
  • The program will also combine fabrication tools and how they can be used.
  • The program will deliver some function knowledge of how some of the extracted component works.
  • The program will also focus on how we can build product from Ideas.

2- Then we will explain the hackathon.

  • The hackathon will be about using the component extracted from the e-waste material to build a Robot.

3- Then we will introduce the main potential unlocking institute in Qatar that helps in spreading the sustainability awareness across the state of Qatar.

4- Qatar sustainable week is an intensive week focus on spreading the awareness of recycling and upcycling in addition to different sustainability objectives (energy saving and sustaining earth).

5- Then we will explain what is meant by sustainability.

6- describe some of the sustainability objectives.