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Studio 5
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Online Unplugged lesson plan focus on delivering the wearable technology been used these days and how it plays a marvelous role in making life easier.

What You'll Need

Free Online lesson needs the following Material:



The Instructions


In this section, we will break the ice with the participant by trying to attract them through questions to have their attention to what we will be delivering.

1- We will ask the participant a general question about Wearable and if they were ever heard about it before or even used it.

  • Most of the participant will give ignorant expression but however through giving hint they will start telling that they know it and they are using it every day.

2- Then we will Present the Wearable technology for the participant.

3- Then we will introduce the participant to the Internet of thing (IOT) as a concept aims to connect every thing through internet to be accessed from everywhere through one click.


4- Then we will show a video to the participant showing what is Wearable technology.


Video Link

Wearable technology

In this section we will show some of the technologies been associated with wearable technology like the flex circuits and how does this tech, play a good role in the field of wearable.

1- We will start by showing a video of the conductive threads used in fashion to create circuits using sewing threads.