Bhutan Lesson Collection

Troe-ko and 3D printing

What is Troe-ko? The craft of making traditional ornaments in Bhutan is known as Troe-ko. Its products are widely used by Bhutanese women.   There are two types of Bhutanese…

December 18, 2019
Tshem-zo and Wearable technology

What is Tshem-zo? The art of tailoring in Bhutan is known as Tshem-zo. This art can be classified into three parts: 1.      Tshem drup the art of embroidery 2.      Lhem drup the…

December 16, 2019
Shing-zo and CNC

What is Shing-zo? The practice of using wood to make houses, bridges, temples and dzongs in Bhutan is known as Shing-zo. The result of this woodwork can be seen all…

November 18, 2019