Learn to Program in C++ with Arduino – SCOPES Digital Fabrication

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Corey Rice
Corey Rice
K-12 teacher
High School Science and Engineering teacher for 10 years. 2017 Fab Academy Graduate. Science Olympiad Coach. Active and relentless builder of things and relationships. Read More


Programming is a critical skill for developing ideas into reality, and creating things that can interact with the world around them. Arduino is a favorite platform for any starting maker and a great way to learn the fundamentals of the C++ programming language. These lessons will walk a learner through the process of learning to code by giving background information and asking them to work through a series of assignments that can be done with nothing more than a computer, Arduino and a USB cable. Teacher facilitation is helpful, but the teacher need not be an expert to help students. [In fact, this can be a great crash course for an adult learner on the basics of C++ and Arduino.]