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Studio 5
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In this workshop students will make a simple simulations of teaching a virtual robot how to do specific task. They will be able to apply they knowledge in AI and coding on their prototypes.

The workshop is a three days sessions with one hour each day. The first day will be aboiut teaching a robot how to move in a coordinate system using block coding, the second day will teach participant the text coding and the third day will simulate an programming an AI interactive robot using a special software.

What You'll Need

  1. Computer
  2. Internet Connection


The Instructions

Theoretical presentation

A brief presentation will be given to participants at the beginning of each session .

  1. How to use Microsoft Teams and interact with it.
  2. What is AI and How it works.
  3. Why we need AI.
  4. What is AI stages.
  5. Robots and AI.


Day 1 , AI robot with block coding

The participants will learn how to teach a robot to be smart and move in a coordinate system using block coding.

1- Introduce how robots can be controlled and move.

2- Present a video about coordinate system and angles.


3- Introduce the coordinate system.


4- Introduction to Code IRobot platfrorm



5- Discuss with kids the interface of the software.


5- Introduce the three levels of the software and how to control a robot.


6- Build a plan for a robot to move using the first level of the software. Give the participants the chance to build a code for the robot to draw a square . The code appears in the image below.


Day 2, AI robot with text coding

1- Presenting the third level of controlling using the text coding on code IRobot software.


2- Introduce the participant the interface of the third level of coding on the platform and how to write a simple text.





3- Give the participant s instructions to teach their virtual robot to move in a square path.




4- Give the participants the chance to write a code that makes their robot move in a path to writ the letters AI.


5- Each participant will present his project and explain his code to others.


5- Open the door for the kids to to give their thoughts about the question. Do you think the robots will take over the world?


Day 3, Simulation of an interactive AI robot.

In this session participant will use a special software to simulate an Artificial Interactive Robot. the will program the robot to do different emotions.

1- Participants will be introduced to a simulation software that allow them to communicate with their virtual robot .




2- Present the interface and apply tasks on the software.




3- present to kids how to make their robot do a different emotions , follow the following instructions.