VR Model – SCOPES Digital Fabrication

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Feras Mestariheh
Feras Mestariheh
Feras Mestariheh, is a Mechanical Engineer who finished his degree from Jordan University of Science and Technology. He gained a good experience in Digital Fabrication, Space Engineering, Satellite Engineering, Robotics, Virtual and Augmented reality, and IOT. He get this experience… Read More


In this workshop, A program of 5 days will be given to participants with a one hour a day, they will be presented to VR technologies and how to build a VR scene. Participants will apply their skills on Cospaces EDu Software for the First 4 days to train on the Scene design and for the last day they will build a final project,

What You'll Need

  1. Computer
  2. Internet connection


The Instructions

Day1, Build Basic Scene

The participant will learn the software interface.

  1. Presentation for the Software .
  2. Software Class login
  3. Cospaces EDU interface.
  4. Build a basic Scene by uploading characters from library.


Day2, Customization

An introduction how to do customization

  1. Presentation on general customization.
  2. An overview about Cospaces Customization.



2- Duplication Feature.



3- Material Changing feature.




4- Changing size, rotation and orientation.

Day3, Animation

Animate the Scene by adding built in animations

1- Animation Presentation



2- How to add animations to characters and 3D models


Day4, Coding the Scene

Participants will learn hoe to add more animations using coding.

1- Coding Presentation .


2- Coding in VR Scenes.