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Studio 5/6
Studio 5/6
K-12 teacher
In line with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s Digital Youth Strategy, STUDIO 5/6 is mainly aimed at nurturing youth as digital learners by sharpening their 21st century learning skills, as they develop in an all-pervasive digital environment. In… Read More


In this workshop, participants will build a digital game that simulates a traditional Qatari game called Al-Teelah which is the marble game. They will use the Scratch software to design the interface and program the game logic.

What You'll Need

  1. Equipment: Computer, Internet connection.
  2. Materials: –
  3. Software: Scratch


The Instructions

Teela game with scratch

In this one-hour online lesson, participants will learn about scratch software in order to build the marble game - Al Teela in Arabic.


  • Introduce who are we and what we do in Studio 56.
  • (Icebreaking) discuss with participants their favorite video game.
  • Explain what we are going to do today.
  • Which zone we will be in today.
  • Introduction to teams UI.
  • Client letter of the workshop.
  • Introduce al Teela game and ask participants what kind of games they played before..
  • Show a video about the traditional game of Al Teela.
  • Explain what is video game development. 





Show a video about the game





Discuss with them if they played it before and what kind of games they used to play