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Earth Day is a great reminder to empower students to think about how STEM can be instrumental in developing solutions for climate change, sustainability, biodiversity, and all the environmental challenges our planet faces.

With this Scopes lesson resource, educators can inspire students to make a difference now and in their future. Use these Earth Day lessons and activities to guide students in learning about recycling, clean water solutions, global warming, and more!

The first three lessons we’d like to highlight are the winners of our April Content Contest!


1. Upcycling Hackathon by Studio 5/6

FIRST PLACE WINNER: This lesson is an example of how waste can be used for educational purposes, develop tech and soft skills for youth and raise a community of innovators aware of their responsibility towards preserving the Earth for future generations.


SECOND PLACE WINNER: During this hands-on workshop on urban sustainability, participants take on the challenge of building a green city. Participants will learn about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and follow a simplified design thinking approach to design a city addressing the United Nation’s Suitable Development Goal 11: sustainable cities and communities.

THIRD PLACE WINNER: This is a diy project for kids between 10-16 years this project we will developed a pocket weather station that anyone can carry with them, using basic electronic components, like Arduino, temperature humidity sensor, etc.

In this lesson students create their own miniature Secchi disk with a 3D printer and will use these tools to measure turbidity, and thus water quality, of different water samples. They will understand how to use an actual Secchi disk in the field, in order to determine the depth of the photic zone in different bodies of water.

Enhance your subject area content and career connections by using digital fabrication to design and make blades for a wind turbine.

In this lesson students must complete calculations to create a model of the earth that is proportional to reality using Tinkercad.

In this workshop students will learn to make a solar cap. Students learn about Solar Energy creating their own solar cap. Students will study the solar energy, solar Panel & use of solder gun. In this lesson, students will conceptualize and then turn their ideas into real-life models.

How can we elevate knowledge about local ecosystems through experimentations with DIY biomaterials?
In this lesson, we will explore the creation of a collection of DIY biomaterial samples following these steps:

  1. Identify and map plants in the local ecosystem.
  2. Research documented applications for materials identified.
  3. Harvest samples for processing. We use the example of red oak acorns.
  4. Document processing of samples towards DIY biomaterial production.
  5. Modify a base recipe and document results.
  6. Ask questions for further experiments.

In this workshop students will learn to make a Solar based PVC Pipe table lamp. Students learn about Solar Energy creating their own Solar based Pipe table lamp. Students will study the solar energy, solar Panel, use of solder gun & PVC joined. In this lesson, students will conceptualize and then turn their ideas into real-life models.

In this Workshop students will learn how to make Water Dispenser to avoid water wastage.
Learning objectives:

  1. To motivate students for group discussion
  2. To think on water scarcity problems
  3. Learn 2D Design, Laser cutting & Basic Electronics.

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